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Jigenji Temple was built in Akiu, Sendai by Dai Ajari Ryojun Shionuma who completed the following ritual practices.
1999 - “The Omine Thousand Day Circumambulation (OMINE SENNICHI KAIHOGYO)”
2000 - “Shimugyo” is known as “Fourfold Renouncing Practice” which is not allowed to sleep, eat, drink or lie down for 9 days.
Shionuma holds a fire ritual called “Goma taki” with a prayer on the first and third Sunday every month (this is a public event).

“Goma Syuho”
Goma Fire Ceremony


In the Goma Syuho, we set a fire to burn wooden sticks which include our prayers in front of the Buddha. The fire symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha and the wooden sticks symbolize human desires (the root of suffering). In this ritual, the Buddha burns away the root of our suffering as we pray for our wishes to come true.

〒982-0244 Takihara, Akiumachibaba, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi